Our aim is develop healthcare businesses that are cost efficient and profitable by providing and advising on:

  1. The right location on which to build a new hospital
  2. Healthcare architecture design adhering to national and international standards
  3. Precise specializations for a hospital that reflects the surrounding or desired demographic segment as well as the competitive set.
  4. Setting up “Centers of Excellence” providing support by experienced specialist doctors with regular case reviews to ensure quality and standardized levels of care from the doctors on staff.
  5. Setting the right and competitive pricing structure of doctors’ fees as well as hospital services.
  6. Providing efficient medical and non-medical inventory system to maximize profitability.
  7. Sourcing and using medical equipment with cost efficient in mind and suitable for the institution and the desired target market.
  8. Development of strong brand image for the hospital, such as logo and marketing collaterals.
  9. Provide partnership networks with international medical trainers and or institutions to maintain professional medical standards.
  10. Provide potential business expansion in various areas, including using clinics as feeders and developing holistic medical centers, etc.