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In the quickly transforming Indonesia medical and healthcare space, the role of PT Jakarta Medika Manajemen (JMM Consulting) is clear, to focus on nurturing and elevating the business efficiency of hospitals, health systems and affiliated providers.

We deploy customized, scalable solutions to help clients achieve sweeping improvements to their operational effectiveness, financial performance and the management and quality of patient care all of which meets stringent international standards.

Our core work is to provide clients with comprehensive strategies through consulting services beginning with close analysis of their business. Our senior health care service managers, clinicians as well as technical advisors has established JMM Consulting as a top analytical specialist in the medical industry with more than 20 years experience managing and operating national and international-standard hospitals in Indonesia. Our business is to deliver highly effective client-focused solutions.

With such dramatic transformation underway across all aspects of the Indonesian healthcare industry, from demands for greater transparency around the quality and cost of care, to rising consumer influence, the company is well placed as a leader in the industry. There is also vital need to engage and empower physicians and other healthcare professionals while simultaneously finding avenues to work with an increasing number of new partners, build population health models and leverage technology.

As the intensity of these changes continues to mount in speed and scale, how can health systems, hospitals, physician groups and insurers truly advance and lead? At JMM Consulting, we are committed to helping Indonesian healthcare organizations successfully evolve by developing and implementing well fitting and proven strategies to accomplish complex goals, including effectively embracing the right tools and aligning organizational priorities.

With our peerless experience working with leading Indonesian hospitals, we have the ability to identify and solve strategic, organizational and operational challenges so our clients can be market leaders and offer exceptional patient care outcomes. Ultimately our shared goal is to improve clinical, financial and human performance to achieve long-term success, so our clients can in turn service the various communities across Indonesia.

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